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February 03 2018

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chaotic neutral

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Do not punish the behaviour you want to see


I mean, it seems pretty obvious when you put it like that, right?

But how many families, when an introvert sibling or child makes an effort to socialize,  snarkily say, “So, you’ve decided to join us”?

Or when someone does something they’ve had trouble doing, say, “Why can’t you do that all the time?” (Happened to me, too often.)

Or any sentence containing the word “finally”. 

If someone makes a step, a small step, in a direction you want to encourage, encourage it. Don’t complain about how it’s not enough. Don’t bring up previous stuff. Encourage it.

Because I swear to fucking god there is nothing more soul-killing, more motivation-crushing, than struggling to succeed and finding out that success and failure are both punished.

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There are libraries in Los Angeles that let kids read to pay off their late fees. Each hour a child spends reading at county-run libraries knocks $5 off their account. Library staff say at least 100 kids each week read away their debt, and 3,500 suspended accounts were cleared during the first 6 months of the program. Source Source 2

February 02 2018

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I was scrolling through Twitch and found a steam of an old lady painting and chatting and it’s honestly the most wholesome thing

She wants to make it to 500 followers by the weekend so she can have a reason to celebrate and eat ice cream!

Everyone is so nice, this is so pure


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January 31 2018

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When QA gives me instructions to reproduce a bug

/* by The coding love */

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@gallusrostromegalus I feel like these signs are all over Durango. Lol.

They’re all over once you get over 7000 feet!  Remember Kids, be sure to Portal responsibly,  leave an appropriate trail to find your way back (NOT breadcrumbs, the squirrels are fat enough) and close any gates you may open!

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